DUS Forms and Exhibits

The following Forms and Exhibits are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the corresponding exhibit number or form number from the Fannie Mae DUS® Guide to download the file. The Form Number is also listed where applicable.

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Form Title Exhibit Number Form Number
Action Code Reject Report (LRR52901) XI-23  
Addendum to Risk Sharing agreement III-54  
Assumption of Liability Endorsement III-47 858
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Cash Disbursement Request XI-28 571
Certificate of Lender XIV-4  
Checklist of Issues to Consider In Doing a Workout Analysis V-23  
Commitment Request Worksheet XIV-3  
Comparison of Same Month Pooling Delivery and Standard Delivery XI-10  
Construction Advance Loan Delivery Package Table of Contents XV-2 4517.FCAL
Credit Enhancement Information XI-9  
Credit Enhancement Information XIV-2  
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Electronic Delivery Option Consent Form Signature Page   4634
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FHA Pre-application for a Reservation of Risk Sharing Units III-48  
FHA Risk Sharing Sources and Uses Statement III-50  
Final Maturity Due Date (LRR02801) XI-21  
Form of Commitment Confirmation IV-2  
Form of Commitment Confirmation (DUS ARM) XII-1  
Form of Commitment Confirmation (MBS/DUS) XI-1  
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Ground Lease Analysis III-14 461
HUD Region Codes and State/Area Codes and Jurisdictions III-49  
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Instructions for Preparing the Construction Advance Loan Delivery Package XV-3 4600.FCAL
Insurance Loss Payee Notice Letter V-24  
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Late and Partial Payment-Fees (Optional) Assessed Form Letter and Instructions V-16  
Late Payment-Fees Assessed form Letter and Instructions V-13  
Late Payment-No Fees form Letter and Instructions V-12  
Lender Recap Report (LRR01201) XI-19  
Lender Record Information II-3 582
Lender Substitution Notice Cover Memo   4647
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Master Electronic Delivery Agreement and Instructions XI-8  
MBS/DUS Participating I with Subordinate Mortgage Financing Provided by Krupp XI-11  
MBS/DUS Participating II with Subordinate Mortgage Financing Provided by Krupp XI-12  
Modified Risk Supplement III-51  
MORNET Version of Multifamily Financial Analysis of Operations V-7 4254
Mortgage Bankers Financial Reporting Form II-6 1002
Mortgage Purchase Summary III-8 4249
Multifamily Authorization for Automatic Transfer of Funds and Instructions VI-7 1055
Multifamily Document Request Release Form   4646
Multifamily MBS/DUS Pool Delivery and Instructions XI-2  
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No Payment-Fees (Optional) Assessed Form Letter and Instructions V-17  
Notice of Lender's Address/Wiring Instructions   4259
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Officer's Certificate   4258
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Partial Payment-Fees Assessed Form Letter and Instructions V-15  
Partial Payment-No Fees Form Letter and Instructions V-14  
Permanent Mortgage Loan Conversion Package Table of Contents XV-7 4517.FPML
Pool Deficiency Summary/Guaranty Fees to Be Paid Report (LRR53901) XI-24  
Pool-to-Security Reconciliation Detail Report (LRR54101) XI-25  
Pre-Construction Monitoring Package XV-4 4543
Prospectus Supplements for MBS/DUS Participating I and II XI-4  
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Rate Lock Loan Delivery Package Table of Contents XV-5 4517.FRLL
Receipt of Gap Collateral   4649
Reconciliation of Interest Rate/Pass-through Rate and Instructions XI-27 473a
Reconciliation of LASER Mortgage Portfolio and Instructions XI-26 473
Remittance Update Report (LRR01401) XI-20  
Request for Approval of Multifamily Servicing Transfer II-7 630
Risk Sharing Request Data Sheet III-55  
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Standard Flood Hazard Determination (FEMA form 81-93) III-46  
Standard MBS/DUS (Example of Prepayment Premium Calculation using the Yield Maintenance Option), MBS/DUS Bond Credit Enhancement (Example of Prepayment Premium Calculation), and MBS/DUS Participating I and II (Example of Prepayment Premium Calculation) XI-5  
Standard form MBS/DUS Prospectus Supplement XI-7  
Substitution Sponsor Eligibility Request Form   4648
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Transaction Type 32 (Servicing Transfer Record) XI-18  
Transaction Type 80 (Subservicer Transaction Record) XI-17  
Transaction Type 81 (Lender Loan I.D. Change Record) XI-16  
Transaction Type 82 (Loan Address Change Record) XI-15  
Transaction Type 96 (Loan Activity Record) XI-14  
Trial Balance Report (LRR03201, LRR53101, LRR53601) XI-22  
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Watchlist Action Plan   4645
Weekly Variable Rate Demand Bond - Information for Closing Memo XIV-8  
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