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The Fannie Mae Marketing Center for Multifamily is a free online tool you can use to access and customize product marketing materials for your outreach efforts.

The Marketing Center gives you the benefits of professionally designed materials while saving the time and money required to develop them yourself. Just add your logo, photo, and contact information to our product marketing sheets to make these materials your own. You can download each customized piece to your computer for printing or view it on your mobile device with a customer.

Get Started Today

It’s easy to get started. Simply visit the Marketing Center, and:

  1.  Navigate to the “click here to register” link to create an account.
  2.  Fill in just a few fields with your contact information.
  3.  Save your profile and begin using the Marketing Center.

Once you’ve set up an account:

  1.  Click Catalog on the main page to see all our marketing materials.
  2.  Use the Customize button to begin the personalization process for a piece.
  3.  Personalize the piece with your contact information, logo, or headshot.
  4.  Preview the pieces by clicking on the green button.
  5.  Agree to the terms and click the Download button.

It’s that simple! Sign up now for this free tool, and start creating new opportunities for your business!