Applications & Technology

Applications & Technology

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Allows lenders to check an applicant's experience with Fannie Mae.

C & D

Handles Cash and MBS committing and delivery functions for both Delegated Underwriting Servicing (DUS®) and Negotiated Flow (MFlex®).

Cash Remittance System

Designate specific bank accounts from which Fannie Mae cash remittances can be automatically drafted.


A Web-enabled solution for the investor reporting process for bond credit transactions.

Defeasance Calculator

The Defeasance Calculator provides an indicative estimate of the cost of defeasance using current or user-defined interest rates.

DUS Data Digitizer

An app for uploading structured data sets for key third-party reports.

DUS Disclose

Multifamily Mortgage Backed Securities disclosure website.

DUS DocWay

A web-based application through which lenders submit loan documents to Fannie Mae.

DUS Gateway

Enables lenders to register and submit deals into Fannie Mae for consideration, track waiver requests and pipelines, and receive Fannie Mae responses online.

DUS Insights

DUS Insights® is a tool that allows DUS Lender users to pull property comp data to inform deal reviews and underwriting narratives.

DUS Navigate

Your portal to our simplified and restructured Multifamily Selling and Servicing Guide and Form 4660.

DUS Property Monitor

This application allows servicers to manage tasks associated with verifying Green Rewards properties.


Replaces traditional Investor Reporting and Delinquency Reporting performed by the MORNET Servicing Support System™ (MSSS™) and the Early Warning System.

Lender Capital Tool

Provides the net worth and liquidity dollar amounts required of each DUS Lender, as calculated by Fannie Mae.

Market View

Provides lenders with fast and convenient access to pricing indications of various loan structures.


Provides users with a centralized view of our Structured Facility and DUS® DMBS products.

Multifamily Asset Management Portal

Enables lenders to electronically submit property inspections and property operating statements.

Multifamily Negotiated Transactions

Handles all Cash and MBS delivery functions for all seasoned loans acquired by Fannie Mae through a Negotiated Transaction.

Technology Manager

Allows registered users of Fannie Mae technology applications to view and modify their user profile and security information.