Applications & Technology

Applications & Technology

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Allows lenders to check an applicant's experience with Fannie Mae.

Contact Management

The Contact Management Tool enables lenders to manage access to Fannie Mae lender communications. Designated Lender Contact Owners conduct an annual review of contacts, adding, removing, and updating contact records as needed, to maintain up-to-date information for their organizations. The tool is accessible year-round for ad hoc updates.

DUS Disclose

Multifamily Mortgage Backed Securities disclosure website.

DUS Gateway

Enables lenders to register and submit deals into Fannie Mae for consideration, track waiver requests and pipelines, and receive Fannie Mae responses online.

DUS Insights

DUS Insights® is a tool that allows DUS Lender users to pull property comp data to inform deal reviews and underwriting narratives.

DUS Inspect

DUS Inspect transforms the property inspection process with data integration and process flows within one seamless desktop and mobile application.

DUS Navigate

Your portal to our simplified and restructured Multifamily Selling and Servicing Guide and Form 4660.

DUS RiskWay - Lender Data Input

A web-based application through which Lenders complete required Multifamily Requests, Certification and Assessments Data

Indicative Pricing

View Indicative Pricing ranges and Additional Adjustments for DUS Mortgage Loans

Market View

Provides lenders with fast and convenient access to pricing indications of various loan structures.

Multifamily Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Our Customer APIs have been specially designed and tuned to address the needs of our current customers and are housed on the Fannie Mae Developer Portal.

Technology Manager

Allows registered users of Fannie Mae technology applications to view and modify their user profile and security information.