Non-Lender Servicer Training: Onboarding and Using Rent Roll Digitizer

Rent Roll Digitizer Non-Lender Servicer Training

Lender Training: Introducing Rent Roll Digitizer™: A better, simpler process for submitting property-level reporting data

Rent Roll Digitizer Lender Training

Rent Roll Digitizer

Rent Roll Digitizer, a component of DUS® Data Digitizer, will enable submissions of ongoing rent roll data to Fannie Mae. Beginning in Q4 2021, upon deal commitment, Fannie Mae will ask Lenders whose deals meet certain requirements to contact their borrowers and ask them to submit rent roll data digitally to Fannie Mae. As adoption ramps up, existing loans will also be onboarded.

Borrowers, property management companies, and relevant software vendors will be able to digitally submit rent roll data using either one of the following submission channels:

  • API Submission Channel: Enables the submission of data in JSON format as specified in the Fannie Mae DUS Rent Roll Standard.
  • SFTP Submission Channel: Enables the submission of data in XLSX format as specified in the Fannie Mae DUS Rent Roll Standard.

Rent Roll Digitizer Onboarding

Fannie Mae and Lenders are reaching out to Borrowers and property management companies to grant access to the Rent Roll Digitizer. The list of onboarded entities will grow over time and more borrowers will be able to submit rent roll data with the click of a button.

Next steps for Lenders

Next steps for Borrowers

  • Get familiar with the Fannie Mae DUS Rent Roll Standard.
  • Fannie Mae and Lenders will reach out to Borrowers about how to gain access to Rent Roll Digitizer.
  • If you or your property manager or relevant software vendor is already onboarded, start submitting rent rolls monthly through Rent Roll Digitizer.


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DUS Data Digitizer

Data access and governance is essential to digital transformation. Data standards were developed with the cooperation of DUS Lenders and industry participants. Structured data from these reports will enable more efficient reviews and seamless data delivery.

The Multifamily Selling and Servicing Guide requires the delivery of standardized data sets as supplements for the following report types:

  • Property Condition Assessment;
  • Environmental Site Assessment (Environmental Screening, Phase I and Phase II);
  • Zoning Report; and 
  • Seismic Risk Assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions – Technical

Structured data sets must include the Fannie Mae Multifamily Deal Identifier from DUS Gateway or other acquisition systems. Since only Lenders have access to these Fannie Mae systems, Lenders and Third-Party Report Vendors should agree on a process to share this Deal Identifier information and include it in the structured data sets.

The Collateral Reference Number is an optional data field hence it doesn’t need to be included in the structured data sets. However, for multi-asset deals, the Collateral Reference Number is recommended.

Yes, structured data sets need to adhere to a file naming convention. DUS Data Digitizer will not allow the upload of structured data sets that do not adhere to the prescribed file naming convention.

The file name must include the Deal Identifier followed by the symbol “_” and the three-letter initials for the Third-Party Report Type (PCA, ESA, SRA and ZON). Other characters can be included if another “_” precedes them.

Examples of acceptable file names follow:

  • 123456_PCA_1.xml
  • 123456_ESA_2.csv
  • 123456_Zon_3Abc.xml
  • 123456_SRA_4Def.csv

The Fannie Mae DUS Third-Party Report Specifications Package includes two sets of templates (XSD and Excel) and two sets of sample data files (XML and CSV) for each Third-Party Report. Fannie Mae will, therefore, be able to accept XML data files, CSV data files or a combination of both formats.

Yes, only in CSV format. Data is expected for all reports not beyond row 11. Additional data is expected in rows 12-97 for the Property Condition Assessment.

PCA structured data sets including a Capital Item Category whose Capital Items do not belong in that Category will be rejected.

No. Vendors do not have access to DUS Data Digitizer and rely on Lenders to upload data files and receive feedback on data files. If a file has data quality issues, DUS Data Digitizer will generate a list of Errors and Warnings that Lenders may share.

No. Data sets cannot be replaced once submitted to DUS Data Digitizer. The application saves every submission and the corresponding system time stamp.

No. Since the Collateral Reference Number is an optional data point, its absence doesn’t trigger any errors or warnings. If included, however, the Collateral Reference Number must be correct to prevent errors or warnings. The Errors and Warnings summary must be reviewed to see the issue(s) that triggered warning(s).

Frequently Asked Questions - Business

The requirement went into effect for all reports with a Third-Party Report Signature Date of September 30, 2020 and later. The requirement is now subject to the commitment date effective January 25, 2021 but doesn’t supersede the prior requirement.

No, we will not reject your deal through the acquisition certification process if your deal is missing a structured data set. Nonetheless, we will expect all applicable structured data sets shortly after certification.

Lenders can upload structured data sets to DUS Data Digitizer after the deal is registered on DUS Gateway.

Not necessarily as long as all artifacts are delivered by closing date. Structured data sets must be delivered solely through DUS Data Digitizer while report narratives and other loan documents must still be delivered through DUS DocWay.

Structured data sets are required for both acquisitions and refinances.

Structured data sets are required for forward commitments as follows:


New Construction

Substantial Rehab


Before conversion

Before commitment and before conversion


Before commitment and before conversion

Before commitment and before conversion


Before commitment

Before commitment


Before commitment

Before commitment

Yes. The requirement for the narratives for Third-Party reports has not changed.  Structured data sets are required to supplement report narratives.

Yes. The requirement for the site inspection and its corresponding MBA Master Inspection Form has not changed.

Yes. Structured data supplements are required for Streamlined Property Condition Assessments. The technical specifications work for both the Base Property Condition Assessment and the Streamlined Property Condition Assessment.

Not always. The Multifamily Selling and Servicing Guide requires delivery of structured data sets including report narratives if Lenders order Zoning Reports.

Third-Party Report Vendors submit the structured data sets and report narratives to the Lenders. Then, the Lenders submit the structured data sets to Fannie Mae using DUS Data Digitizer and report narratives using DUS DocWay.

Yes. Structured data supplements are required for specialty assets such as Seniors, Students, etc. Additionally, PCA Modules corresponding to specialty assets will continue to be required.

Yes. The Environmental Site Assessment data set works for Small Mortgage Loan Environmental Screenings too.

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Please contact [email protected] with any questions. We will monitor this mailbox and use your inquiries to build additional frequently asked questions and responses.

Technology Terms & Conditions

The Technology Terms and Conditions previously provided on this page are now located in the new Consolidated Technology Guide. A PDF version of the Guide and other related content is available on the Consolidated Technology Guide page.

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