Applications & Technology

Applications & Technology

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C & D

Handles Cash and MBS committing and delivery functions for both Delegated Underwriting Servicing (DUS®) and Negotiated Flow (MFlex®).

DUS DocWay

A web-based application through which lenders submit loan documents to Fannie Mae.

DUS Navigate

Your portal to our simplified and restructured Multifamily Selling and Servicing Guide and Form 4660.


Provides users with a centralized view of our Structured Facility and DUS® DMBS products.

Multifamily Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Our Customer APIs have been specially designed and tuned to address the needs of our current customers and are housed on the Fannie Mae Developer Portal.

Multifamily Negotiated Transactions

Handles all Cash and MBS delivery functions for all seasoned loans acquired by Fannie Mae through a Negotiated Transaction.

Technology Manager

Allows registered users of Fannie Mae technology applications to view and modify their user profile and security information.