Fannie Mae was the first to combine the right products, processes and people to bring you a simple approach to finance greener multifamily properties. Fannie Mae has a suite of Green Mortgage Loan products that benefit borrowers who invest in energy and water efficiencies, including preferential pricing and additional loan proceeds for energy and water efficiency retrofits.

Follow the Path to Green Financing

Ready to cut costs and access lower interest rates and additional loan proceeds? Fannie Mae Green Financing provides the best green financing tools in the market.

Go Green Flowchart

Follow the paths in our "Go Green Flowchart" to find the right Fannie Mae Green Financing solution for you!

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Green and Healthy Housing Financing Options & Incentives

  • Green Rewards

    A lower interest rate, additional loan proceeds, and a free Energy and Water Audit Report

  • Green Building Certifications

    A lower interest rate on properties with an eligible Green Building Certification

  • Healthy Housing Rewards

    A lower interest rate on properties that invest in Active Design or Resident Services

Research and Insights

Leveraging utility energy efficiency incentive programs

Did you know that you can pair Green Rewards with your local utility incentive programs? Learn more about how to utilize utility and State Energy Office efficiency programs in conjunction with Green Rewards to leverage greater benefits.

  • Greater Savings, Lower Costs: Enhancing Green Rewards with Utility Incentive Programs

    Guidance to multifamily property owners on how to use utility and State Energy Office efficiency program incentives in conjunction with Green Rewards.

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    Green Rewards Utility Incentive Programs
  • How to use utility energy efficiency programs with Green Rewards

    This 1 page flow chart helps borrowers understand the process for using utility incentives in conjunction with Green Rewards.

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Analysis of certifications for energy-efficient and healthy multifamily buildings

To drive market transformation, Fannie Mae, Integral Group, and Elementa Engineering conducted an analysis of all certifications for green or healthy multifamily buildings available in the United States. Learn more about this work in the report published in the conference proceedings for the 2020 American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s Summer Study in Buildings.

Driving Market Transformation

Ranking and Rewarding Certifications for Energy-Efficient and Healthy Multifamily Buildings.

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Driving Market Transformation