Green Rewards improvements impact the bottom line

Learn how Fannie Mae Borrowers reduced energy and water costs at multifamily properties with Green Rewards.

  • Case Study - Ashton Pines

    Ashton Pines lowers energy and water usage, reducing utility costs

  • Case Study - Peartree Apartments

    Peartree Apartments saves money, energy, and water through Fannie Mae’s Green Rewards

  • Case Study - Creekview Apartments

    Creekview Apartments cuts costs for tenants through water efficiency improvements

Leveraging utility energy efficiency incentive programs

Did you know that you can pair Green Rewards with your local utility incentive programs? Learn more about how to utilize utility and State Energy Office efficiency programs in conjunction with Green Rewards to leverage greater benefits.

  • Greater Savings, Lower Costs: Enhancing Green Rewards with Utility Incentive Programs

    Guidance to multifamily property owners on how to use utility and State Energy Office efficiency program incentives in conjunction with Green Rewards.

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    Green Rewards Utility Incentive Programs
  • How to use utility energy efficiency programs with Green Rewards

    This one page flow chart helps borrowers understand the process for using utility incentives in conjunction with Green Rewards.

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Evaluating energy and water efficiency performance in multifamily housing

Together, Measurement and Verification data may enable Fannie Mae to gain a fuller understanding of the impact of green financing and to identify ways that we may be able to improve the positive impact of our program. This white paper provides a review of Fannie Mae’s Green Mortgage Loan program and its approach to Green Measurement and Verification. This paper considers the current opportunities and limitations of data collected for the Fannie Mae Green Mortgage Loan portfolio, many of which may be applicable for multifamily utility efficiency programs more broadly.

Green Measurement and Verification Service

Implementing a large-scale effort to evaluate energy and water efficiency performance in multifamily housing.

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Analysis of certifications for energy-efficient and healthy multifamily buildings

To drive market transformation, Fannie Mae, Integral Group, and Elementa Engineering conducted an analysis of all certifications for green or healthy multifamily buildings available in the United States. Learn more about this work in the report published in the conference proceedings for the 2020 American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s Summer Study in Buildings.

Driving Market Transformation

Ranking and Rewarding Certifications for Energy-Efficient and Healthy Multifamily Buildings.

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Driving Market Transformation

ENERGY STAR® Score and EPA Water Score for Multifamily

To help multifamily properties reduce energy and water costs, Fannie Mae Multifamily partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to create the 1 to 100 ENERGY STAR Score for Multifamily and the 1 to 100 EPA Water Score for Multifamily. As a result of the Fannie Mae Multifamily Energy and Water Market Research Survey, a 2012 nationwide survey of over 1,000 multifamily properties, the US EPA launched the ENERGY STAR Score for Multifamily in September 2014. The launch of the EPA Water Score for Multifamily followed in October 2017. 

Transforming Multifamily Housing

Fannie Mae’s Green Initiative and ENERGY STAR® for Multifamily

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energy star report