After 26 years and a $50 billion book of business as of September 2021, our multifamily Structured Transactions products remain one of the most competitive portfolio management tools on the market, and it’s no surprise with the level of flexibility they offer. Whether it's a Credit Facility or a Bulk Delivery, borrowers can buy and sell assets on their schedule, retain favorable interest rates with property substitutions, and grow their portfolio through quick and easy expansions.

Our life-of-loan servicing and dedicated asset management team help borrowers manage complex and changing business strategies to achieve their long-term goals.    

Closing the deal – Centerspace Homes Portfolio

  • 18 properties in the Minneapolis, MN MSA
  • 2617 units
  • $198M loan
  • 99% mission-driven transaction

We recently partnered with Walker & Dunlop’s Brendan Coleman to finance a workforce housing portfolio for Centerspace Homes. The $198 million acquisition located in the Minneapolis MSA included 18 properties built between 1951 and 1995. After understanding the borrower’s needs, Brendan identified the Credit Facility as a perfect fit. In the competitive acquisitions market, the Credit Facility differentiated Centerspace as a buyer – allowing them to purchase the full portfolio, pass savings on to the seller, and quickly close the deal.  

Deep knowledge of the product and process, open communication and collaboration are a recipe for success in coming up with creative solutions and meeting a tight closing deadline.

Meet the team

Partnership and collaboration are the core of what makes our Structured Transactions products successful. I am excited to continue to work with you in my new role as Director alongside our knowledgeable and fully staffed team, including our newest member, Kate McCormick.

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