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Preferential Pricing for Green Building Certified Properties

Fannie Mae offers preferential pricing on loans secured by a multifamily property with a Fannie Mae-recognized green building certification.

Green Building Certifications Preferential Pricing

A pricing incentive to finance properties that have acquired a Fannie Mae-recognized green building certification that meets minimum energy efficiency and other green building requirements.

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Green Building Certifications

Your property with a Green Building Certification could be eligible for preferential pricing. Read more here! (PDF)

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Fannie Mae conducts an annual review of Green Building certifications available to multifamily properties. All recognized certifications have minimum energy and/or water reduction requirements. Please see Form 4250 for complete eligibility requirements, the specific certification Fannie Mae recognizes from each organization, and the groups assigned to each certification. Loans on properties with a Green Building Certification will be disclosed as a Green MBS.

Green Building Certifications-at-a-Glance

Most Green Building Certifications need to be initiated during design or construction, but Fannie Mae recognizes a range of certifications for new and existing buildings. Learn more about the Green Building Certifications across 12 organizations Fannie Mae recognizes.

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About Green Building Certifications

Multiple organizations award Green Building Certifications. Depending on the certification, properties may be newly constructed or retrofitted to meet the criteria. In a green certified building, renters may have lower monthly energy and water costs, and live in an apartment that is more comfortable in the heat of summers and the cold of winters. Owners may see a reduction in their energy and water costs, higher occupancy rates and increased property sales prices.

(Source: "Energy Efficiency & Financial Performance: A Review of Studies in the Market", U.S. Department of Energy, March 2014.)