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Property Condition Assessment Demand Letter (Series 6000)

Property Condition Assessment Demand Letter (Series 4000)

Follow Up Inspection Letter Post-Inspection Repairs/Replacements – Non DUS Loans

Follow Up Inspection Letter – DUS Loans

Initial Letter Post-Inspection Repairs/Replacements

Servicing AdvancesPayment Reimbursement Request Form

Delinquency Advancing Stop and Advanced Payments Reimbursement Request Form

Engagement Letter for Environmental Consultant (Joint Retention)

Engagement Letter for Engineering Consultant (Joint Retention)

Final Loss Notification Form – Primary Risk Mortgage Loan

Final Loss Notification Form – Secondary Risk Mortgage Loan

Fannie Mae Multifamily Selling and Servicing Guide - Contact Directory

Form Letter of Engagement for Environmental Consultant

Form Letter of Engagement for Appraiser

Collateral Submission Report


Pre-negotiation Form Letter

Pre-negotiation Form Letter (NOI and Loan Document Provisions)

Servicer Workout Action Template

Checklist of Issues to Consider in Doing a Workout Analysis

Servicing Transfer Memo