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Multifamily positive rent payment reporting is a win-win

Did you know you can help renters establish, maintain, or improve their credit scores? When they pay rent on time, these positive rent payments can be reported to the credit bureaus to help build credit. This is an important part of our plan to advance greater housing equity.

Fannie Mae’s Positive Rent Payment program connects property owners of Fannie Mae-financed buildings with fintech providers that can report the positive rent payments of their residents directly to credit bureaus.

Since the program launched in September 2022, we’ve been monitoring the impact.

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Uncover the benefits of positive rent payment reporting

For borrowers

Participate in the pilot at no cost.

One year of Positive Rent Payment services via one of the three designated vendors will be paid for by Fannie Mae. To simplify the process, Fannie Mae will pay the vendor directly.

Reporting rent may increase timely rent payments.

When rent is reported, renters may be motivated to pay on time, which could help reduce delinquencies, evictions, and turnover.

According to a TransUnion study, 73% of renters are inclined to pay rent on time when their rent payments are reported.

Help renters establish or improve their credit scores.

Informed and responsible residents are good for you and your property(ies).

For renters

Make rent count. Rent is the largest recurring monthly expense that many households pay. Having on-time payments reported to credit bureaus can help prepare renters to buy a home or get a better rate on a loan.

Open the door to homeownership. Having sufficient credit can help individuals qualify for a mortgage.

Access lower-cost credit. Reliable, on-time payments, when reported to the credit bureaus, can help renters increase their credit score. Better credit scores lower the cost of financing to purchase a car, start a small business, or borrow for education.

Establish credit profiles. Rent payment reporting enables “credit-invisible consumers” (individuals without credit history) to build credit.

Find housing in higher-opportunity neighborhoods. Credit scores are a factor used to screen prospective renters. Individuals with stronger credit scores may qualify for housing in a wider array of areas.

Possibly lower future rent security deposits. A renter’s credit score can impact the size of their security deposit. If a renter has a low credit score, a landlord might request a higher security deposit amount. If a renter has a high score, they could lower their security deposit.

If you're a renter, learn more here.

How to enroll your property

Learn more about the fintech providers below and connect with them to get started. These providers will confirm eligible loans/properties with Fannie Mae. Eligible properties are active loans that have five or more years to reach maturity.*

*Note that the five-year eligibility rule is general guidance, but loans will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and Fannie Mae reserves the right to waive that eligibility rule.

Multifamily Borrowers

To inquire about setting up positive rent payment reporting, use the buttons below to submit a request to the select vendor.

Contact Esusu


  • Renters are automatically enrolled with an option to opt out.
  • Esusu manages rollout to renters, communications, reporting, and disputes so there’s no work for property managers or on-site staff.
  • Integrated with leading property management software to seamlessly transmit rent payment data.
  • Esusu has an additional product, free of charge, called Housing Stability Loans. These are 0% interest loans for a tenant struggling to pay their rent, paid directly to the landlord. Then, Esusu enters into a repayment plan with the renter.


Contact Jetty


  • Renters are automatically enrolled with option to opt out (as the pilot progresses, Jetty will introduce an opt-in model).
  • Fully integrates with your property management software. Requires no changes to your leasing or rent collection processes.
  • Jetty offers other products that may be of interest to borrowers/renters (at additional cost, not covered in pilot), which include a flexible rent product, renters’ insurance, and security deposit alternative.


Contact Rent Dynamics

Rent Dynamics

  • Borrower has the option to choose between a renter opt-out or opt-in program.
  • Integrates with leading property management softwares.
  • Rent Dynamics integration and implementation teams do the work to seamlessly incorporate into your existing processes.
  • Rent Dynamics can handle all resident communication and marketing efforts to provide support and increase adoption.
  • Also offers (at additional cost) their own CRM software for leasing activities, a 24/7 leasing contact center, and at no cost, The Advantage Program to help renters who desire to buy a home.



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