Today, I’m thrilled to announce the release of DUS Inspect™, a powerful tool for managing property inspections. Asset management is integral to risk management, and property inspections are key to that process. Renters also benefit when we have the right tools to monitor property condition, because it helps ensure that their homes are in good physical condition.

 DUS Inspect simplifies the property inspection process with data integration and process flows.

With DUS Inspect, users can complete inspections on the desktop or mobile application, even on-site while inspecting the property – a far more efficient use of everyone’s time. This new tool communicates Fannie Mae’s inspection expectations, streamlines inspector assignments and workflow, and enables remote delivery of property inspections, increasing efficiency and making it easier to do business with us.

Check out DUS Inspect

Who should download DUS Inspect?
Lender staff in asset management and underwriting roles who perform and review property inspections.

Where can I find it?
Before you can access either version of the application, you must work with your corporate admin to be onboarded via Technology Manager to get login credentials. Once that process is complete, you can use the same credentials to log in to both versions. For more information on how to onboard, read the Corporate Admin Overview.

The DUS Inspect desktop application is available here. The DUS Inspect mobile application is available in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

For additional information, please review the DUS Inspect website or send an email to the Fannie Mae team at [email protected].