Five years ago, we released DUS Gateway®, transforming the way we do business. Now, digital connectivity and operational agility are more important than ever, and the timing is right for DUS Gateway 2.0, which launches today, June 22. 

DUS Gateway 2.0 has the same functionality lenders know today, but with a new look and feel. The updated platform provides more support as you work through the loan process, displaying enhanced guidance and proactive pop-ups that warn of possible errors and suggest solutions.
Lenders will be able to get automated pricing for eligible deals and instant pricing quotes for Delegated and Performance Differentiation deals. You will also be able to view Fannie Mae's pricing response, with the ability to provide loan option-level pricing feedback.

This is an important step on our digital transformation journey. We’re always striving to make it easier for you to do business with us, and automated pricing and instant pricing quotes will allow you to make faster decisions for your customers.


Dan and Michele