Fannie Mae has been a pioneer in Multifamily Green Financing for more than a decade, creating new mortgage financing products and securities with positive environmental, social, and financial impact to meet the needs of property owners and green bond investors. We are thrilled to announce that we have reached a new milestone - $100 billion of multifamily green bonds issued!  Green bonds support our mission to provide liquidity and affordability to the multifamily market, and we couldn’t have done it without your partnership and engagement over the years.

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We are also proud to release a new research paper - Spotlight on Fannie Mae’s Green Measurement and Verification Service: Implementing a large-scale effort to evaluate energy and water efficiency performance in multifamily housing. While we know intuitively that installing more energy- and water-efficient appliances, products, and fixtures will improve the efficiency of a property, demonstrating this with post-retrofit data can be highly complex. Leveraging lessons learned from other efficiency programs, this paper illustrates and explains these complexities and opportunities as they relate to both the Fannie Mae program and multifamily efficiency programs broadly.

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Fannie Mae is committed to using our experience to move the market forward and create value for other multifamily energy and water efficiency programs. Green Mortgage Loans are still relatively new in the market, evolving significantly since our first Green MBS was issued in 2012 and continuing to evolve today. This is an opportunity to frame the discussion around green mortgage loan post-retrofit data, identify challenges and opportunities to improve data collection and quality, and provide transparency to investors and other efficiency stakeholders. 

We’re grateful for your ongoing support, and hope that you find this paper informative. Stay tuned for more from Multifamily Green Financing as we continue to celebrate and spotlight the $100 billion in multifamily green bonds in the New Year.