As the industry transitions from LIBOR, Fannie Mae’s ARM 7-6, Hybrid ARM, Structured ARM (SARM), and our new ARM 5-5 will be indexed to the 30-day Compound Average SOFR, published by the New York Fed as “30-day Average SOFR,” available on September 1, 2020. The new ARM 5-5 provides an embedded cap, an initial 5-year loan term, and an optional extension for a second 5-year term.

Learn More and Key Dates

Upcoming ARM product trainings will be offered at the end of August – invitations will be sent shortly.


August- September

Trainings on SOFR-indexed products

August 27

ARM 5-5 Guide Update released

September 1

Begin quoting SOFR-indexed SARM, ARM 5-5, ARM 7-6 and the Hybrid ARM

September 30

Final commitment date for LIBOR-indexed ARMs

October 1

All ARM quotes and applications will be SOFR-indexed

December 31

Final purchase date for LIBOR-indexed ARMs


Access our LIBOR Transition Playbook and Frequently Asked Questions for more information and reach out to your account team with any questions.