Happy New Year! As you’ve probably heard, we ended last year on a real high note – we’ve now issued more than $100 billion in Multifamily Green MBS! Our 2021 green production was $13.5 billion, slightly higher than our 2020 green production.  We couldn’t do any of it without you, so I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks for your partnership.  Let’s talk about what’s in store for 2022! 

Green Mortgage Loan Pricing

The preferential pricing we offer for Green Building Certifications and Green Rewards loans remains unchanged at up to 20 bps. Our 2021 monthly production showed that the market responds well to steady and stable pricing incentives for green, so we hope this will help you to continue to deliver Green Mortgage Loans in 2022.

Green Building Certifications Update

Our Green Building Certification preferential pricing offers options for a range of multifamily property types committed to energy efficiency, including new construction, recently renovated, and existing buildings. You may see an even higher pricing benefit for loans on properties with certifications in our Towards Zero group. These ultra-high performing buildings are currently rare for multifamily, but we are committed to providing deeper incentives for these trailblazers. If you hear “passive house” or “net zero,” please reach out to us!

We also have a few changes to announce in the Green Building Certification space as the result of our annual multifamily green building certification review.

Certification Programs Added: Fannie Mae is pleased to announce that the International Financing Corporation (IFC) EDGE certification is now recognized with our preferential pricing. This certification focuses on reductions across energy, water, and embodied energy in materials.

Certifications Retired: We have retired two programs entirely and updated which versions we recognize for two others. The following certifications are no longer eligible for the Green Building Certification preferential pricing:

  • Green Globes Multifamily Version 1 and 1.01 certifications – Fannie Mae will now only accept Version 2 or 2.1
  • Enterprise Green Communities Version 2011 certifications – Fannie Mae will now only accept Version 2015 and 2021
  • All Southface EarthCraft certifications 
  • All Viridiant EarthCraft certifications

We have updated the Fannie Mae Form 4250 to add and retire these certifications, effective for deals committed on or after January 7, 2022.  We are also updating our other Green Building Certification resources, including Green Building Certifications At A Glance and How to Review and Approve a Green Building Certification.

Additional questions? Email [email protected].