Other Requests

From time-to-time, you may receive a request for a post-purchase change that is not covered in the Multifamily Guide or in these job aids. Here we summarize the items you would include in your initial request to Fannie Mae, so that we can process your request as efficiently as possible.

What to Submit

To help us evaluate your request, please submit the following with your initial request:

  • Copy of the borrower’s request
  • Copy of any agreements related to the request
  • Any other documents you used to evaluate the request and/or those that you feel would be helpful to us in our own evaluation. Include only those items that apply.
    • Certified rent rolls for the relevant period
    • Audited operating statements for the relevant period
    • Physical property inspection
    • Most recent survey of the affected portion of the property
    • Recent appraisal, market study, or other documentation related to the marketability or occupancy of the property
    • Summary of local ordinances or zoning requirements related to the request
  • A description of the proposed change or event
  • Servicer’s Narrative – include only those items that apply
    • Property name and address
    • Fannie Mae loan number
    • Reason for the request
    • Your analysis of the financial and physical condition of the property
    • Your analysis of the impact of the change or event on the property
    • Original underwriting analysis
    • Your recommendation for or against approval

Be sure to keep a copy of all the documents in your servicing file. We will contact you if we need additional information.

How to Submit

Generally: [email protected]


Structured Facilities*

(Credit Facilities and Bulk Deliveries): [email protected]


Seniors Housing*: [email protected]


Hard Copy (if required by Fannie Mae)

Fannie Mae
Credit Services/Drawer AM
Mailstop 8H-607
3900 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20016

*Please contact us at these e-mail addresses for requirements specific to these financing types.

Always consult the loan documents, transaction documents, your servicing agreement, the Multifamily Guide and the relevant forms for complete instructions.

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