Why is Fannie Mae supporting non-traditional ownership of MHCs?

As part of our Duty to Serve plan, Fannie Mae developed a pricing incentive to assist in the acquisition of Manufactured Housing Communities (MHCs) by non-traditional owners, such as non-profit entities, and help develop new MHCs, preserve the affordability of existing communities, and provide funds to make improvements. Typically, these non-profit organizations can purchase an MHC through grants provided by city, county, and state governments, combined with low interest private loans. Our goal in supporting non-traditional ownership is maintaining Manufactured Housing Communities as an affordable source of housing for Americans throughout the U.S.

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If you have specific questions about the Duty to Serve program, please contact Jose Villareal. If you want to know more about MHC financing, please reach out to Greg and Emilio. Also, feel free to contact your Deal Team at any time.


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Greg Ehrhardt

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