Affordable Products

Affordable Financing Solutions

  • Mod Rehab for Affordable Properties

    Subordinate financing options for affordable properties that have completed mod rehab.

  • Affordable Housing Preservation

    Options for preserving the availability and affordability of subsidized rental housing.

  • Credit Facility

    Allows borrowers to arrange flexible financing terms for a portfolio of properties.

MBS as Tax Exempt Bond Collateral

  • MBS as Tax-Exempt Bond Collateral (M.TEB) – Fixed Rate

    Collateral for either existing fixed-rate bond refundings, or new fixed-rate bond issues

  • Competitive Advantage

    Our MBS as Tax-Exempt Bond Collateral (M.TEB) is your one-size-fits-all solution.

Bond Credit Enhancement

  • Tax-Exempt Bond Credit Enhancement

    Credit enhancement for tax-exempt bonds.

Unfunded Forwards

  • Unfunded Forwards for 4% LIHTC Properties

  • Unfunded Forwards for 9% LIHTC Properties

  • Unfunded Forward Eligibility

    Applicable executions for unfunded forward commitments.

Bridge Financing Solutions

Reduced Occupancy Affordable Rehab (ROAR)

  • Reduced Occupancy Affordable Rehab (ROAR) Execution

    Financing for Multifamily Affordable Housing properties in need of renovations.

  • Competitive Advantage

Special Public Purpose

  • FAQs: Multifamily Affordable Housing - Special Public Purpose


Job Aid

Affordable Housing Data Guidance

For All Multifamily Properties with Income or Rent Restrictions

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