*Only loans/properties enrolled in Fannie Mae's Positive Rent Payment pilot with Esusu, Jetty, and/or Entrata are eligible for reimbursement*

  • Vendor will provide Borrower with an invoice for services.
    • The invoice must clearly identify the property(ies) for which the services were provided.
    • Borrower will pay outstanding invoice(s)
  • Fannie Mae and the Vendor will create and complete Section 1 of Form 4829 for the loan(s)/property(ies). This will be done for each Servicer involved in the transaction as funds are reimbursed through the Servicer(s).
      • In the Description/Type column:
        • For cost of service input: "Rental Payment Reporting: (Name of Vendor)/ (Fannie Mae Loan Number)/ (Property Name)"
        • For Borrower onboarding fee (if applicable) input: “Onboarding Fee Rental Payment Reporting”
      • In the Other column input: the amount of the cost of service for the property or Borrower onboarding fee (if applicable)
    • If a Servicer has multiple loans/properties for a Borrower that are included in the pilot, this should be reflected on one Form (a separate form will be created for each Servicer involved in the transaction).
    • Sections 2 and 3 of the form should be completed as listed below.
      * Note for Borrowers: onboarding fee (if applicable) can only be charged/reimbursed one time, so should only be reflected on one Form 4829.
  • Vendor to provide each separate, partially completed Form 4829 to the Borrower of the transaction (it’s possible to have multiple forms if there were multiple Servicers of the loans involved in the pilot)
    • Borrower sends partially completed Form 4829 and respective paid invoice(s) to the Servicer mentioned in each form
  • Servicer completes sections 2 and 3 of Form 4829 (Wiring Instructions and Lender sections) as well as Lender information in top section (Lender Number, Name, Address)
  • Servicer submits Form 4829 and invoice, showing properties/loans, to Fannie Mae via email for review and approval.
  • Fannie Mae will review and process reimbursement
    • Funds will first be reimbursed to the Servicer and Servicer is responsible for sending funds to the Borrower

Note: Fannie Mae will typically process the reimbursement within two weeks.
Reimbursement requests should be sent to Fannie Mae within two months of agreement with Vendor to ensure reimbursement.

For questions, please contact the Multifamily Products team.       

For any reimbursement to be processed by Fannie Mae, the submission must take place within two months of invoice date. Fannie Mae will process reimbursement within one month of receipt.  If you encounter difficulties, please contact the Multifamily Products team.