Lender Training: Registering for and Using Rent Roll Digitizer™

Rent Roll Digitizer

Rent Roll Digitizer, a component of DUS Data Digitizer®, will enable submissions of ongoing rent roll data to Fannie Mae. Loan reporting is an area of opportunity for us to make an impact – and an area where we intend to lead the industry toward important changes. We’ve engaged with Borrowers, DUS® Lenders, managers, and relevant software vendors to create a rent roll digitization process that’s effective and efficient for all. We also leveraged CMISMO standards and our Technology and Innovation Subcommittee (TISC) lender partners to identify the most effective solutions to reporting obstacles and ensure a smooth transition.

Borrowers, will be able to digitally submit rent roll data using either one of the following:

  • API Submission Channel: Enables the submission of data in JSON format as specified in the Fannie Mae DUS Rent Roll Standard.
  • SFTP Submission Channel: Enables the submission of data in XLSX format as specified in the Fannie Mae DUS Rent Roll Standard.
  • An already-onboarded property management company or software vendor.

Rent Roll Digitizer Onboarding

Fannie Mae and Lenders are reaching out to Borrowers and property management companies to grant access to the Rent Roll Digitizer. The list of onboarded entities will grow over time and more Borrowers will be able to submit rent roll data with only a few clicks.

Next steps for Lenders

Next steps for Borrowers

  • Get familiar with the Fannie Mae DUS Rent Roll Standard.
  • Fannie Mae and Lenders will reach out to Borrowers about how to gain access to Rent Roll Digitizer.
  • If you or your property manager or relevant software vendor is already onboarded, start submitting rent rolls monthly through Rent Roll Digitizer.


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Technology Terms & Conditions

The Technology Terms and Conditions previously provided on this page are now located in the new Consolidated Technology Guide. A PDF version of the Guide and other related content is available on the Consolidated Technology Guide page.