Recent events in our country have weighed heavily on our minds and hearts. Our values as a company – and as individuals – will not allow us to remain silent. Today, Fannie Mae CEO Hugh Frater shared a statement pledging our commitment to a housing system that is free of systemic racism, which you can read here.

While racial inequality has been a constant in this country, the focus and strength behind today’s movement gives me hope that real progress will come from it. That progress, however, will take time and effort. As leaders in housing, which has been a source of inequity and strife for Black people and other minorities in America, we’re prepared to dedicate ourselves to both. We have an obligation to the communities we serve to do everything that we can to bring about change, and I am proud to work at an organization that is unafraid to take a stand.

We all can do more. And as Hugh says, we will.