We are one quarter into the year and off to an innovative start! In the first few months, we focused on saving you time. DUS Gateway® is now connected to Committing and Delivery (C&D™), allowing us to integrate Loan Sourcing and Acquisitions Commitment processes. You can automatically transmit Commitment data for Pre-Review Deals and Refinance Deals from DUS Gateway to C&D with the click of a button -- that means less time spent entering the same data into two systems and more time back on your calendar. Other time savers include DUS Gateway's new predictive search capability and the addition of WalkMe™, the digital adoption platform that provides step-by-step guidance. Both of these features allow users to navigate the system more quickly and efficiently.
We're keeping the ball rolling as we enter the second quarter and are excited to introduce more enhancements like these, not only in DUS Gateway, but in many of our customer-facing platforms. Here's a look at some of the innovation projects on the docket for the remainder of the year:

  • Today, we announced the latest enhancements to DUS Disclose™, our Multifamily Mortgage-Backed Securities disclosure website. This industry-leading platform currently supports Single Class MBS data and, beginning April 30, 2018, will add disclosure information for Multifamily Megas. DUS Disclose will replace PoolTalk® as the source for Mega disclosure and provide new data files and documents. Later in the year, we will further expand DUS Disclose to support Multifamily REMICs. With the completion of these enhancements, DUS Disclose will be the comprehensive disclosure source for all Multifamily securities.
  • Last year, we replaced Multidoc Express™ with DUS DocWay™. We've kept Multidoc Express available in read-only mode since DUS DocWay launched in October, 2017 until just last week, when the legacy system was fully retired! On April 16, 2018, we will introduce several new features in DUS DocWay -- features that you requested to make submitting documents even easier. The enhanced DUS DocWay will provide more flexibility for loan submission requirements, and will share immediate updates when you revise data in the Multifamily Structured Facility Management System (MSFMS).
  • We are rolling out several changes to simplify our asset management processes this year. In May, we will enhance the Multifamily Asset Management Portal to automate the process for tracking and closing out Completion Repair Agreements. Transitioning from the current email-heavy process to an automated process in one system will save time -- for you and for us. As we continue to emphasize the positive impacts of "going green," we are also working to simplify the energy and water data collection processes for Green Loans. Today, Borrowers must report their property's energy and water performance data to Servicers annually in order to maintain Fannie Mae's Green Financing incentives. This quarter, we will publish a Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit proposals from service providers who may be able to support this data collection process. In partnership with Borrowers, selected service providers would collect this data and confirm Borrower-selected improvements were completed in the right quantities and specifications. Leveraging these services is expected to reduce the time Servicers and Borrowers spend collecting and reporting this data -- an energy savings in and of itself! Stay tuned for more information on this effort and what it means for you over the coming months.
  • And finally, we will continue to enhance DUS Gateway. We will deploy a new DUS Gateway release every two weeks to provide you with the latest features as soon as they are available. We're also kicking off the effort to integrate Lender data directly into DUS Gateway, starting with registration data. Using a "test and learn" approach, we will set up Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that will allow your internal systems to communicate with DUS Gateway and automatically send registration data.

Thank you for your continued partnership and feedback; without it, these improvements would not be possible! To stay up to date on these changes and news on future innovation projects, visit the Multifamily Technology and Innovation page.