Rent is the largest recurring expense that most households pay. Fannie Mae's no-cost, Positive Rent Payment pilot helps renters build credit by enabling owner-operators to report on-time rent payment to credit bureaus.

win-win for owner-operators

Win-win for

Reporting rent payments can help property owners by reducing tenant turnover and lowering eviction rates.

better credit empowers renters

Better credit empowers renters

Reporting on-time payments to credit bureaus can provide financial benefits to renters, including underserved populations.

financial health creates opportunity

Financial health creates opportunity

Establishing a credit score is a step to building a financial profile for the credit-invisible.


Early data shows a trajectory toward better financial health for many renters

helped over 43,000 renters establish credit scores
35 points during the pilot
580 rental units are participating


Learn more about the program and how to enroll here:

Data according to our vendors from September 2022 to June 2024
*Rent reporting is one component that can contribute to a consumer's credit score. Positive Rent Payment reporting does not guarantee an increase in credit score.