Get Ready for a Greener 2016

What's the financial value of a Green Building Certification?

The U.S. Department of Energy found that green certified properties have:

  • 16-18% higher occupancy rates in LEED and ENERGY STAR properties;
  • 13% lower electricity and gas expenses in ENERGY STAR properties;
  • 10-31% increased sales prices in LEED properties; and
  • Only ~2% construction cost premiums in LEED properties.

Source: "Energy Efficiency & Financial Performance: A Review of Studies in the Market," U.S. Department of Energy, March 2014

The Fannie Mae Multifamily Green Financing team ended 2015 on a high note. With over $300 million in new business, we tripled the size of our Green Financing portfolio to $440 million.

We expect 2016 to be even brighter -- and greener. Fannie Mae will continue to be the leading provider of Green Financing to the multifamily market to support quality affordable green housing. How will we do it? With our innovative products and experienced team. Fannie Mae recognizes the value of Green Building Certifications by offering preferential pricing on loans for multifamily properties with a nationally recognized Green Building Certification. Our Green Rewards loans offer both preferential pricing and additional loan proceeds, making it the right product for borrowers seeking to reposition or upgrade an existing multifamily property.

Borrowers are taking advantage of Fannie Mae's Green Building Certification Pricing Break in every market. Fannie Mae's Green Financing portfolio includes properties with certifications from LEED, National Green Building Standard, ENERGY STAR®, and Enterprise Green Communities.

At ENERGY STAR-certified Winslow Crossing Phase I and Phase II in New Jersey, 90 percent of the units are affordable to renters earning less than 60 percent of Area Median Income (AMI), with the remaining 10 percent set aside for renters earning less than 30 percent AMI. Across the country from New Jersey in Portland, OR, The Woodlawn achieved a LEED Platinum rating and its owner/ developer is already planning to pursue LEED certification at its next development.

These deals are now securitized and trading on the market as a Green MBS (CUSIPs 3138LCS22, 3138LCS30, 3138LCAK1).

Contact the Green Financing business team to discuss how we can help create value for your multifamily portfolio.