Our DUS® lenders know how to help their customers create value. Your borrower just renovated an aging property in its portfolio which was awarded its Green Building Certification. Now they are acquiring a property that is already Green Building Certified.

Who will provide great pricing and reliable, expert service?

Fannie Mae will. We are the market leaders in Green Financing and recognize the value of green building certified properties.

With Fannie Mae Green Building Certification Financing, you can:

  1. Get a lower price on acquisition, refinance, or supplemental loans. Fannie Mae gives up to 39 bps off on loans backed by properties with a Green Building Certification, which means interest payments may be substantially lowered.
  2. Access great pricing for ALL green building certified properties. At Fannie Mae, ANY loan with a recognized Green Building Certification property gets preferred Green pricing, not just those with an affordability component.
  3. Attract investors through Fannie Mae's Green MBS. Fannie Mae issued the first Green MBS in 2012 and hasn't stopped since. MBS investors know that Fannie Mae's Green MBS offers all the standard DUS® features plus defined and disclosed green attributes.
  4. Rely on our experienced Green Team. Fannie Mae's dedicated Multifamily Green Financing team -- Green production, credit, capital markets, and legal -- has years of Green Financing experience and works together to quickly and efficiently solve even the most complex Green Financing questions.
  5. Get the most time to submit the Certification. Getting paperwork for a deal together can often take longer than anticipated. At Fannie Mae, we will give the lower Green Building Certification pricing if the certification is submitted by Rate Lock.

When looking for Green Financing, rely on Fannie Mae to close your deal!

For more information, contact your NAM team, [email protected] or go to www.fanniemaegreeninitiative.com.


Chrissa Pagitsas
Director, Multifamily Green Initiative