August 20, 2015 -- "Affordable Multifamily Feeling the Squeeze of Higher Development Costs"--sound familiar? Read about how millennials' preference for urban living and rising single-family housing prices are spurring demand for rental housing and much more in our July Multifamily Market Commentary.

Keeping up with the multifamily market is paramount whether you're developing an asset, financing it, or managing it. You need to know what's going on in the marketplace, and we're here to help you. Fannie Mae's dedicated multifamily economics and market research team focuses on creating insightful Monthly Commentaries, as well as Quarterly Metro Market Outlook analyses for key MSAs, and all of this information is available on our website.

Here are some highlights from the latest batch of Outlooks. Visit the multifamily website to see all 15 cities covered:

  • Baltimore's economy is expanding, but will slow population growth hamper progress?
  • A sunny forecast for Seattle, with positive demographic trends through 2019 - but watch out for a 2015 supply glut!
  • 2015 is set to be another record year for new apartment units in Washington, DC, but what does this supply wave mean for 2016 rents?

The August Multifamily Market Commentary is right around the corner so don't forget to check the Multifamily website for updates. Our economics and market research team -- headed by Kim Betancourt, includes Tim Komosa, Tanya Zahalak, and Frank Nicco-Annan, under the leadership of Jonathan Gross, Vice President for Pricing, Financial Modeling, and Economics -- is ready and able to tackle your questions about the multifamily market. Please email [email protected] and let them know what's on your mind.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!