A Green Building Certification sends an important signal to tenants and investors: this multifamily property is committed to sustainability practices -- saving energy and water, and creating healthier and more durable units for residents.

I am pleased to announce that Fannie Mae is recognizing more Green Building Certifications and offering a new pricing incentive for deals with a Green Building Certification.

Fannie Mae is proud to have purchased its first Green Building Certification loan back in 2012. Since then, we have continually updated the list of eligible Green Building Certifications that not only meet the strategies of multifamily owners, but also maintain high sustainability standards. Each year Fannie Mae conducts a review of the Green Building Certifications available to the multifamily market. We use this opportunity to assess where the market is moving as more and more lenders and borrowers embrace the benefits of green financing.

We're adding:

  • Green Globes Multifamily for Existing Buildings;
  • Green Globes Multifamily for New Construction;
  • ILFI Zero Energy Certification;
  • Passive House Institute Passive House Standard; and
  • PHIUS .

We're removing:

  • Green Globes Existing Building; and
  • Green Globes New Construction.

The updated list of Green Building Certifications is available on Form 4250. We also continue to improve the experience using the Green Rewards product. Additional user-friendly features have been added to the High Performance Building Report Forms 4099 and 4099.H for HPB Consultants.

Fannie Mae is committed to leading the industry in green financing and providing incentives to our borrowers who share the desire to achieve positive financial, social and environmental impact.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your deal team if you have questions about these recent changes.