In May, we got "unconventional" at the 2019 DUS® Meeting in Portland, where we discussed ways we can use outside-the-box thinking to do smarter, more impactful business together. We appreciated the enthusiasm of those who attended and had a great time networking and sharing ideas on how we can be better partners. We're eager to be an even more creative partner with you to get your deals done!

Affordable lending was a strong focus at the conference. Sessions included:

  • "Perspectives on Affordable Supply" with Clyde Holland, CEO & Chairman of Holland Partner Group;
  • "Selling Scenarios: Going Green in 2019" in-depth session; and
  • "Grow Your Affordable Business with Special Public Purpose" in-depth session.

In addition, during the "Ask an Expert" Expo, staff discussed Green Financing and our Affordable lending programs.

Opportunities in Special Public Purpose

In a previous Multifamily Wire, we mentioned Special Public Purpose (SPP) as a market to look to for affordable housing opportunities. During the Special Public Purpose session in Portland, we talked about how to take advantage of those opportunities. The session covered:

  • How to define Special Public Purpose in Fannie Mae terms, including compliance and affordability;
  • Ways to differentiate SPP from other trends in the market;
  • An outline of programs used to finance SPP properties; and
  • Deals where we've utilized special financing and credit considerations.

As sales of SPP properties grow, we anticipate even more interest in this market, both from Borrowers and Investors. Bring us your SPP deals, and we'll do all we can to win the business!

Have questions on SPP? Get in touch with your Deal Team and participate in our upcoming webinar – today at 2:00 pm EDT.

We Want Your Business!

The Affordable space is generating a lot of excitement - along with Special Public Purpose, expanding opportunities include:

  • Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD);
  • Affordable Preservation in LIHTC, Section 8, HUD 202 and USDA Section 515; and
  • New Construction.

And as always, we are working hard on deals featuring our Green Financing and Healthy Housing Rewards™ products.

As we enter the second half of 2019, we're leaning into the energy and enthusiasm from the DUS Meeting – let's keep up the momentum! We want to optimize your customer experience and provide you with the best trainings, products, and tools so you can know your options and maximize proceeds.

We look forward to working with you on your affordable business!

Reach out to us with any questions. Visit for more information about products, presentations and resources!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for AHF LIVE! November 18-20, 2019 in Chicago. We'll see you there!