January 22, 2015 -- A new year means new opportunities, and we’re looking forward to working with you on more high-quality deals in 2015. We’re working harder than ever to provide you with quick decisions and innovative solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

In today’s market, new properties are in high demand. Borrowers want to take advantage of the low interest rate environment earlier in the lease-up phase – and buyers of partially leased properties want permanent financing at the time of acquisition. Construction pipelines are growing to accommodate this demand. With these market forces at work, we anticipate an increase in production for stabilizing deals in 2015.

Are you financing a loan on a property that’s expected to stabilize within 120 days of rate lock? Send it to us! Our Near-Stabilization Execution is a great fit. Borrowers can refinance construction loans and secure permanent, non-recourse financing prior to full stabilization. No additional collateral support is required.

All DUS® Lenders and Borrowers with a proven track record of successfully leasing up new apartment communities are eligible to participate. For more details about our Near-Stabilization Execution, you can view the term sheet. For a list of benefits and a side-by-side comparison against our competitor’s standard lease-up product, you can view the FAST Pitch.

Lenders, please reach out to your Deal Team or me for more information about the Near-Stabilization Execution or any of our products, or visit the Multifamily website for more information about Fannie Mae Multifamily.

Borrowers, please contact your DUS Lender or visit the Multifamily website for more information about Fannie Mae Multifamily.

I look forward to working with you in 2015.