Announcing the Launch of DUS Disclose

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of DUS Disclose™, our new multifamily Mortgage Backed Securities disclosure website. This industry-leading platform provides the market with more data and a user-friendly interface. You can read the press release to get all the details.

DUS Disclose marks another big milestone in what has been a very busy year for innovation in Multifamily. We've made great progress toward our goal of simplifying and enhancing our technology to serve you better. We deployed 22% more releases of our customer-facing systems this year than in 2016.

Without you, we would not have made this much progress. Through the Technology Innovation Sub-committee, Ops Lender Forum, and several user communities, you've provided valuable feedback on what's working well and what's not. Our business is complicated, but getting it done shouldn't be and your input has and continues to help us prioritize projects that will make your user experience easier. Just take a look at all we accomplished in 2017:

  • We continued to enhance DUS Gateway® through seven new releases which included retiring the Quote Sheet Smart Form and providing Lenders with the ability to upload Loan Option data directly into DUS Gateway. One more release of DUS Gateway is planned for December 11th.
  • We released our new document management system, DUS DocWay™, replacing the outdated Multidoc Express™system as the repository for final underwriting documents submitted electronically.
  • We've been accepting your documents electronically for 10 years, but now we're also accepting e-signatures on all documents between Lender and Borrower, other than Loan Documents, and all items in Folder II of the Mortgage Loan Delivery Package.
  • Our new Rent Roll Collection application replaced eRents™ as the repository for rent roll data for Mortgage Loan deliveries using Committing and Delivery (C&D™). Lenders access the application and associated Multifamily Rent Roll Collection Template directly through C&D and can now submit data in the format that they receive it. On December 18th, Lenders will be able to access the application and template for credit facilities and bulk deliveries that use Multifamily Structured Facility Management System.
  • As part of our commitment to increase efficiency and reduce duplicate work, ASAP Early Funding requests for eligible Multifamily Lenders can now be delivered directly in C&D, thereby eliminating the need for duplicate data entry in multiple systems.
  • And finally, DUS Disclose launched today, increasing the data available for Multifamily securities and providing an updated, user-friendly interface.

Our innovation momentum won't stop at the end of the year! In 2018, we're working to better integrate our systems, starting with DUS Gateway and C&D in January through February. Lenders will be able to select approved loan options and enter, review, and validate commitment data directly in DUS Gateway, reducing duplicate data entry. We're also working toward integrating Lender data directly into DUS Gateway, something many of you have asked for. Stay tuned for more on that. And we will continue to enhance DUS Disclose in 2018 to provide additional data for Multifamily Mega and REMIC transactions.

Finally, thank you for adapting to these changes and providing feedback to make future releases even better! We look forward to a year of continued success and partnership with all of you in 2018.