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Letter of Credit and Sight Draft

Borrower Letter of Credit Certification

Lender Letter of Credit Certification

Fannie MaeFHA Pre-Application for a Reservation of Risk Sharing Units

HUD Region Codes and State / Area Codes and Jurisdictions

FHA Risk Sharing Subsidy Layering Information

Addendum to Amended and Restated Multifamily Risk Sharing Agreement

FHA Risk Sharing Request Data Sheet

Multifamily Servicing File Content Requirements

Structured Facilities Monitoring Narrative

Structured Facilities Monitoring Spreadsheet

Insurance Payee Notice Letter

Reservation of Rights Letter

Multifamily Late Payment Letter - Fees (Optional) Assessed

Multifamily Partial Payment Letter - Fees (Optional) Assessed

Multifamily No Payment Received Letter - Fees (Optional) Assessed

Servicing Transfer Memo

Checklist of Issues to Consider in Doing a Workout Analysis

Servicer Workout Action Template

Pre-negotiation Form Letter (NOI and Loan Document Provisions)